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The Rotary Club
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 Chartered in 1941, the Rotary Club of Naperville 

is one of the area's oldest civic organizations. 
Thank you for visiting our website, we'd love to have you visit in person. 

Our meetings are held Thursdays at 12:15 pm at   Meson Sabika.

Guests are Welcome
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PO Box 2, Naperville IL 60566

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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2018-2019 Officers


Randy Ems
President Elect

Rachel Ossyra
President Nominee

Alma Jones

Past President

John Norman


Curt Stowers

Kathryn Hoffman
Sergeant at Arms

John Higgins

Director Club Service

Kristin Giannini
Dir Community Service

Brian O’Malley
Dir Vocational Service

John Wightkin
Dir International Service

Dick Galitz
Director Youth Service
Kristin Eccles
Public Relations Chair

Christine Bloom
Rotary Foundation Chair

Richard Tatara
Membership Chair

John Gallagher
Program Chair

Alma Jones
Website/Nairator Editor

Christine Bloom

Audit Committee Chair

Denise Gierach


John Knobloch

Hearts & Flowers

Roger Iliff

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The Club's members represent leaders in the 
business, professional, nonprofit, educational, 
and government communities who share a 
common commitment to community service.

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Date: 1/25/2019
Subject: 2019 Nairator 1/24
From: Christine C Bloom


  Nairator The Rotary Club of Naperville    

cold cartoon

Week of January 24, 2019

1/31  Community Service Committee Meeting, Santo Cielo, 4:30 pm
1/31  No Regular MeetingRaise the Bar, Santo Cielo, 5:30 pm
2/7    Regular Meeting - Start the Month with Music

2/7    Youth Service Committee meeting, 1:30 pm
2/8    International Service Committee meeting, Colonial Cafe, 7 am

PROGRAM - Engagement Task Force Report
After many months of meetings discussing ways to improve member engagement, developing the member survey and analyzing the results, the Engagement Task Force presented its findings to the membership. Thank you to everyone who participated in the member survey. The Task Force will involve members in the discussion as we move forward related to what specific actions the club should take to improve member engagement and satisfaction. Engagement Task Force Presentation to Club 1-24-18
A report of the Member Engagement Survey can be accessed
 2018 Member Survey Answer Summary   
The Board wants to thank all the members who were involved on the Task Force. We thank Past President, Nina Menis for heading this important initiative.
Nina Menis-Chair, Mike-Presenter, Rachel Ossyra, Randy Ems, Alma Jones, Hunter Byington, Yashica Weeks, Kim Spayer, Sarah Orleans, Jason Nagel, Jason Altenbern, Kim White, Atul Akhand, John Norman, John Gallagher, Brand Bobosky, Christine Bloom, Dick Galitz, Kristin Eccles, John Knobloch, Brian O'Malley



January 31, 5:30 pm
Santo Cielo
5th Floor of Hotel Indigo
santo cielo 
Bring Guests!


Holiday Party Pictures!!  Everyone had a great time! Thank you Kristin Giannini for planning such a fun evening!
See all the pictures
  2018 Holiday Party

COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE Meeting Jan 31, 4:30 pm Santo Cielo
The Community Service typically meets at 4:30 pm at the same location as that month's Raise the Bar. This month's meeting will meet at Santo Cielo at 4:30 pm.
The Community Service Committee is made up of members who are actively committed to provide 
direct outreach to the community with an emphasis on providing basic humanitarian support to those in need. Community Service encourages every Rotarian to find ways to improve the quality of life for people in their communities and to serve the public interest.
Community Service Director Brian O'Malley invites anyone interested in learning more about the committees activities to join a meeting. Or contact Brian O'Malley at 
Community Service 


Rotary Membership Superbowl
The Teams are set! GAME ON

It appears the "Rotary Ramblers" have taken the lead. Rich Tatara and his team are 3 points ahead. It's a slim lead over Kim Spayers "Crushers" so invite your friends to come NOW.

Team Captains are Kim Spayer, Matt Doyle, Kim White, Rich Tatara

Points are scored as follows:

First Time Guest: 3pts

Second Time Guest: 3pts

Third Time Guest: 3pts

New Member Joins: Touchdown! 7pts

We will run this contest through February 7
Questions can be answered by Colin Dalough 


Richard Tatara, Foundation Chair asks that each of us make a donation to the Rotary Foundation as part of the Every Rotarian Every Year campaign.  You can donate to the Foundation at MY ROTARY . You will need to register, if you haven't already. Or you can write a check to Rotary Club of Naperville and designate FOUNDATION in the memo line.
Thank you for your support!

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE COMMITTEE - Meeting Feb 8, Colonial Cafe, 7:00 am

Saturday,April 6
8 AM-1 PM
Goodwin Hall at Benedictine University, Lisle

This year's conference is titled "International Service as a Catalyst for Peace".
 Jerome McDonnell, host of WBEZs Worldview, will once again moderate the panel discussion.
Click  HERE For more information and to purchase your tickets !

Photos from the Simple Schools Global Grant team in La Lima, Honduras! 
Pre Meeting w mayor and councilman
Site Visit and Signing Ceremony - Chuck Newman and Roger Iliff


The International Service Committee meets the second Friday of the month, 7 am.
International Service exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. We support this service avenue by sponsoring or volunteering on international projects, seeking partners abroad, and more. We invite anyone interested to join us at our meeting!
Details International Service Committee Meeting   
Contact Director Dick Galitz at International Service

YOUTH SERVICE COMMITTEE -  Meeting Feb 7, 1:30 pm Meson Sabika

For more info and to buy tickets click

2019 Naperville Central Interact

The Youth Service Committee invites all interested members to attend a committee meeting and see what their work is all about. The committee meets the first Thursday of every month, following the Rotary meeting at Meson Sabika, 1:30 pm.
This Avenue of Service involves outreach to our communities youth through Rotaract, Interact and RYLA. The committee is chaired by Kristin Eccles.
If you want to inspire and provide support to tomorrow's leaders, please join us!
Our meeting schedule is Feb 7, March 7, Apr 4, May 2, June 6 1:30-3:00 pm, Meson Sabika
or if you'd like more information, please contact Kristin 


Do you have a Facebook page? Are you on LinkedIn?
Then you can play an important role in PR for
Rotary Club of Naperville!

The Club has a FB & a LI page that we post to and it reaches the people who have joined or followed our group...but, these are people who already know about us.
But, if every club member posts something on their FB / LI page about RCN and shares it,
that message reaches thousands more, many of whom may not know a thing about us.

What better way to let people know you are proud to be a member of Rotary Club of Naperville!
Take a picture of yourself at Rotary! Share it, say something about the interesting program that week,
or give a shout out to a committee's work or an organization the club recently supported.

Be a proud Rotarian and let your friends and colleagues know what your club is doing through your digital networks. It's the first step in starting a conversation about Rotary.


click HERE for more information and to register early
2019 early bird conference district



Chuck Corrigan, District Governor Nominee, is chairing the Board Nominating Committee.There are two at-large Board positions that need to be filled for 2019-20. Both positions are for two-year terms. Rotarians may serve two consecutive terms as at-large Directors.

Members interested in being an at-large director on the district board can download and complete the application below and submit to Chuck for the committee's consideration.

Deadline to apply: February 20, 2019

All candidates must be Rotarians in good standing with their Clubs.
Desired qualifications include leadership experience, strong belief in Rotary, and willingness to share ideas and time to assist building vibrant Rotary Clubs in our District.

The committee may interview the candidates in person or by phone.

If interested in serving Rotary as an at-large Board member, please complete this application and return to Chuck Corrigan by February 20, 2019.

The names of the candidates selected by the Committee will be presented to the Board for approval at the March Board meeting.

Board of Directors Application 2019-20

The application form is a fillable pdf document. If you have any questions or any issues with opening or completing the document, please contact Chuck:
cell: 630.853.9461


Mark Daniel Maloney, President, Rotary International, 2019-2020 unveiled the new theme and logo for next year's Rotary year at the International Assembly on January 14.  President-Elect Mark's message follows and reflects the valuable opportunities that we have as Rotarians to make connections locally and globally.

"Rotary is built on connection. When Paul Harris came to Chicago as a young lawyer, he formed Rotary for one compelling reason: to help him connect to others in a new city. More than a century later, we have at our disposal countless ways to form friendships and networks, most of which Paul Harris never dreamed. Yet Rotary's ability to connect us remains unique - and unrivaled. 

Through its distinct mission and structure, Rotary International provides a way to connect to our communities, to network professionally, and to build strong and lasting relationships.   Our membership connects us to a global community through our countless projects and programs, our leadership in polio eradication, and our work with and through the United Nations. Our service connects us to people who share our values, who want to take action for a better world; it connects us to people we would never otherwise meet, who are more like us than we could have imagined; and it connects us to people who need our help, allowing us to change lives in communities around the world. 
As a new decade begins, we are shaping Rotary's future. In 2019-2020, Rotary will implement its new strategic plan, respond to the innovation of the Council on Legislation, and serve in our revitalized areas of focus. But the real work of shaping Rotary's future lies in our clubs, where our organization must do the most to adapt to today's changing realities. 
While the club remains the core of the Rotary experience, we are now far more creative and flexible in deciding what a club can be, how it can meet, and even what can be considered a Rotary meeting. We need to be organized, strategic, and innovative in how we approach membership, forging wider and deeper connections to our communities and forming new club models to attract and engage more - and more diverse - members. 

Rotary is indeed a family. Yet too often, the structure of membership or the demands of leadership seem to place Rotary out of reach for today's younger professionals. Rotary can and should be an experience that complements our families instead of competing with them. When our Rotary clubs are warm, welcoming places where service and family go hand in hand, we give family-oriented young professionals the opportunity to embrace Rotary service and model positive civic engagement. And when we make the expectations of Rotary offices realistic and manageable for busy professionals, we develop the skills and networks of a new generation of Rotarians - who will become Rotary leaders. 

In 2019-2020, it will be our challenge to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service."

Get additional information and register HERE


    1/1 Monica Katsigazi   1/2 Kim Spayer     1/5  Prakash Tata    1/10 Mikel Briggs   1/13 Chuck George     
1/15 John Lansing     1/16 Bob Jung

NEXT WEEK'S PROGRAM - NO Regular Meeting - RAISE the BAR, Santo Cielo, 5:30 pm

Do you hate winter? excerpted from Lin's Bin - Lin Braemer, WXRT Radio

If I hated winter, would I choose to live in a city where it snows from October to April?

What kind of idiot says I hate winter and then confesses he has no timeshare in Florida, no condo in the Caymans, no reasonable plan to escape a city that has become legend for ferocious weather.

Maybe it would help if we shared the winters that have formed the picture of a life spent with four seasons.

I see a hill scattered with children spinning on saucers and streaking on sleds shrieking with the music of pure joy. 
As a parent you hold fast to those moments huddled in a plastic toboggan with your toddler...

...And you were once young, when the snow cancelled school and rather than cower in your home, you would meet up at the sledding hill like miniature Olympians. Daredevils in mittens...
...And just as we cannot appreciate sweet without sour, we know how the radiance of hot chocolate returns feeling to our ruddy cheeks...

...Winter gives us time by firelight. Sitting by the fireplace brings back our prehistoric fascination with the flicker....

...At times of extremity, the better part of human nature emerges.
The neighbor who churns his snowblower half way down the block because why not? 
The strangers who leap to lower their shoulder into the back of your car as your wheels spin in a drift.

Do I hate winter?
I hate its cruelty to the thousands whose homes suffer from inadequate heat.
Or all the homeless who suffer in makeshift shelters. Curled up in doorways and under viaducts.

Winter is that part of our lives that reminds us that our spirit is frayed by fortune.
But it can be a creative time. A time when we are compelled to read or even write.
I like contrasts.
I like sad songs.
I liked The Cubs when they were mired in a relentless darkness.
And I live for the renewal that comes from the tacit promise of a gray January sky.

See you at the next meeting!
Christine Bloom