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Naperville Rotary Membership General Information

(Effective January 15, 2021)

*Rotary membership is by invitation only, and guests may attend a weekly meeting at the invitation of a Member or through contact with the Membership Chair, Jacque Clermont.

*Meeting attendance opportunity is currently only through online Zoom format.  The link to attend Rotary meetings, held most Thursdays, usually at 12:15PM, is found on the Home page of the website.  

*We welcome you to attend as a guest of a Member and then be in contact with our Membership Chair, Jacque Clermont for current membership information.

*Temporarily, Membership Dues have been reduced during the current virtual meeting format.  More information on dues is available through Membership Chair, Jacque Clermont.

*Rotary was organized to introduce business people to other business people. It has evolved to support the general business community, but it is not a vehicle to promote an individual's business.

*The membership roster is intended for private use of the members of our Rotary club, never duplicate it, distribute it or use it for solicitation purposes.

*We encourage active participating members who are interested in bringing enthusiasm and ideas into the club.